Inspired by the expressive work of Jackson Pollock, these eccentric postcards are a reference to a time in college where I was discovering myself as a Graphic Designer and Artist.

After taking some time to focus on my mental health and well being I began fueling my desire to share an expressive, thoughtful, happier Wilmer, one that understood that it was okay to be sad, it was okay to have thoughts of suicide, it was okay to feel.

These postcards are jam packed with my personal writing, motifs that express my suicidal thoughts, the erratic nature of life in the city, and of course, music that has helped me get through those hard times!
"Los Angeles, There is Nothing Wrong with You"

I created these contrasting postcards to the previous one to emulate the relationship between the world in my mind vs the physical world. I wasn't open about my thoughts of suicide to the rest of the world, in this case my friends and family who lived in Los Angeles.
My goal was to create a series of postcards that bounced back and forth between these two themes to ingrain the idea that there are two worlds in which a person may be living in.
"New York City, You Are Loved"

I spent some time in New York working for AIDS Walk New York and it made me think about all the blood people have shed to survive a plague that has been affecting my community since the 80s and yet I felt so separated from them, felt guilty for having survived the disease, as if I wasn't deserving to be alive while so many paid the ultimate price when HIV was causing so much harm.
Even with all the pain and anxiety that I suffered I still wanted people to know that on my end I wanted their sadness to go away, I wanted my sadness to go away. Each of these abstract postcards has a title. This one is titled, "New York City, You Are Loved"
"San Francisco, Love is All You Need"

I used color to represent something I felt during my time in these cities. San Francisco was cold and windy so I used blue to represent that. One of the most magical experiences I felt while visiting this place was the amount of joy I felt and how it lifted the weight of depression from my shoulders.
I used a lyric from The Beatles as a reminder that I always have my best friend to contact if I need any support, love, or just someone to talk to whenever I have the need; he was the one that introduced me to The Beatles and indeed, love is all you need.
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